Halloween Party at Cielo

Nightmare on 12th Street

For Halloween 2018, there’s no option better than Cielo, a state-of-the-art venue in New York City’s official party neighborhood: the meatpacking district. Cielo specializes in bringing all of the sophistication and fun of electronic music nightclubs without any of the checkpoints, rules, or elitism. 

Halloween Party at Cielo NYC

Bring your costume to Cielo’s sunken dance floor, surrounded by suede banquettes and creatively designed lighting effects. If you’re looking for the party with the best DJs and dance floor, Cielo’s 1970’s aesthetic mixed with modern music is the best choice for this year’s Halloween. 

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*** Pricing is Per Person unless stated in the Ticket Type ***

Price increase warning: Halloween ticket prices often go up significantly (100% +) the closer you get to the night of the Halloween party. Also note that many Halloween Events will sell out well in advance of the date. About your Tickets:  (1) Show up early and help reduce the wait time, (2) Make sure to have either your physical tickets or print outs on hand because you will need to show it to NYPD and security upon request, (3) You accept the risks and agree to adhere to the NYPD and security's rules and regulations for the evening, (4) Large crowds should be expected